LP program in the agency “Development”

That was not long ago I was drawn into the agency "Development" on-course. First, in the first stage, then decided to go to LP.
This level courses I do not know the first step even so-so, of course cool but still it is not as much as you expected, there were some exercises that will allow to dig into the past, go to, but much like that to no avail.
And yet, I decided to go ahead in leadership, LProgrammu.
Leadership share on weekends, that's held the first weekend that I can tell, it's just PPV!! Received 5 times more than I expected, I heard and took it on himself that he could not accept for many years, and believed that this is not about me, although frequently mentioned. Very much negativity is gone. Learned to look at life differently, the experience began to emerge THIS, team play, one of the interesting points in the first day of each chooses "Badi", is a man who often sold articles you furious, and with that in life you just have not spoken to but with training, learn and work with ...
The world begins to look quite different, as it "really" what-if, by training, I remember how truly feel happy, more uchat switch, and draw conclusions.
But even after the end of the first weekend, do not give a descent, appointed captain, and begin to control what would you have acted on their own words. And really begin to work more effectively and try and do more ....
Here is their website http://razvitie.od.ua/.